The Energy Resource Center

Energy Resource Center is a non-profit construction company assisting income-qualified families through energy efficiency improvements. Work completed includes insulation, HVAC, hot water heaters, lighting, appliances, air sealing and more. These efforts save money on energy bills, reduce demand on natural resources by cutting energy waste, assist with the affordable housing crisis, and create a safe environment in which Colorado residents can thrive.

Support the ERC


We rely heavily on donations from generous individuals and business owners in the region to support our programs.

Free Services


We offer free home energy audits and weatherization assistance to income-qualified homeowners and renters.

Pay It Forward


Purchase an energy audit or energy upgrades from ERC and a portion of your fees will go to help families in need.

Life doesn’t ask permission

When times get tough, our neighbors deserve an ally that eases their home energy struggles so they can stop worrying and get back to living.

According to statistics from Colorado State University, if Americans used 30% less energy in their homes, 450 power plants across the country would not be needed. ERC services help by cutting energy waste in every home served.

Applications for ERC Services

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A survey of income-qualified households revealed these adverse responses to high energy bills

[source : National Energy Assistance Directors Association]


Went without food for at least one day


Went without medical or dental care


Didn't fill prescription or took reduced dose

carol anne thacker

My husband fell and had a traumatic brain injury in Jan. of this year. No one, including the hospital staff or any of his friends or family thought he'd live as his injuries were so severe. By the grace of God and many, many prayers he lived and is recovering...

Maria Bornn

Lupita, Irene, David, and staff Much more often than you know. You are thought about warmly, cared about always, and wished every good thing. I Truly appreciate you and "ALL" your hard work to make this winter possible to live with. Last Year at this time I was...

Melissa Bickford

I wanted to say how happy I was with the professionalism, the quiet and the quickness with which my new furnace was installed by Dylan and Pablo. Everyone was soooo nice. I am afraid of men so the fact that I felt safe was really really important. Thank you!

ERC Service Areas

We proudly serve 27 Colorado counties, with offices in:

  • Pikes Peak Region
  • Denver Metro
  • San Luis Valley
  • Northern Colorado



Average reduction in annual utility bill for the approximately 2,000 homes served by ERC last year


Lifetime energy savings potential per household


Estimated eligible households in the counties that ERC serves

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