reasons to conserve in your home this yearConserving energy in your home is a win for everyone. Conservation saves money for you and your family, money that you can save or spend on something important. Conservation is great for the environment, and every person that makes it a priority helps to shape the future. We can break these powerful facts down, so that you know 8 concrete reasons that conserving is a great idea for the coming year.


  1. Save money.  Obviously, if you are using less energy, you will be saving more money. Use less water, less electricity, and less gas, and you will see the money start to snowball quickly. Imagine what your family could do with extra money every month. You could chip away at debt, fund an emergency savings account, or save for something specific.
  1. Save the environment.  It might not seem like a big deal, when you think about the fact that one person is conserving energy. But when you add up the changes that thousands of households (and tens of thousands of people) can make in a single city, your conservation becomes a very big deal. All of those small changes can add up globally, so your individual contribution matters.
  1. Improve your health.  When you start conserving and choosing to go green, you may very well see an improvement in your everyday health. Using non-toxic cleaners, breathing in fresh air through open windows instead of dirty air from an old furnace, and making choices with lower carbon footprints can improve your emotional and physical well-being.
  1. Change the future for your kids.  Our children look to us and learn from our actions. Every time that we choose conservation and good stewardship of the earth, they see and take note. Whether we are recycling, or conserving water, or taking measures to save electricity, our kids are paying attention to our choices. We can teach future generations to be better conservationists for their generation, and the generations that follow.
  1. Become more independent.  Conserving energy makes you less reliant on energy companies. If you are riding your bike to work, a change in the price of gas won’t affect you. If you are relying more on natural sunlight and airflow in your home than on AC and overhead lights, an increase in electricity prices or natural gas prices won’t stress you out. Relying more on natural heating and cooling methods and less on your power company makes you independent!
  1. Increase the value of your home.  Replacing an old furnace with a new high-efficiency model or an old water heater with a new hot-water-on-demand model can make your house the one to choose in a hot market. Low VOC paints, Energy Star appliances, passive solar windows, and any other changes that you make to your home for energy efficiency will make it infinitely more appealing if you try to sell.
  1. Set an example.  New ideas often seem strange, especially when we have done things the same way for a long time. When you start taking measures to conserve energy, you show people that change is possible, and good! As your friends and family see you making changes – whether you are turning your thermostat down or replacing old light bulbs with new CFLS – they can learn to see conserving as a good and new normal.
  1. Help the economy.  When you begin making choices to conserve energy, you will probably find that you start making similar choices in all areas of your life. If you start to buy organic and buy local, your dollars will help your local economy. As you save money, you may find that instead of spending all of your income to pay outrageous energy bills, you may use your money on items and services from your local neighborhood stores. Every dollar infused into a local economy is a vote of confidence for the community.

We tend to think of conservation as simply “saving the earth” or saving a little bit of money for ourselves. These are both important and true, but there are so many compelling reasons to conserve energy, and so few reasons not to. No matter what the reason is that speaks to you about conserving, make this the year that you make the difference!



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