Review | Doug Nelson

I phoned the ERC today about some questions I had concerning my furnace and winterizing. They were very helpful and answered my questions. I know they have been around for quite a long time and I know them to do excellent work helping low-income residents with their...

Review | Jen Armour

These people are awesome! They are very helpful and very professional in the way that they conduct business. Insulation, door seals, digital thermostat, proper dryer venting, and on and on, all for free because I am low income. I can’t recommend them enough if...

Review | Barb Finch

Fabulous job, excellent workmanship and exceptional people! The weatherization done to my home exceeds all expectations. Insulation, furnace repair, duct sealing, CO2 detector, blanket for the hot water heater and weather stripping are just a few of the many things...

Review | Suzanne Williams

Thank you, ERC for all you did for me. Your crews worked so hard for days at my old house. How can I express the blessing of finding out about your program. I will have a nice warm house this winter!!

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