Review | Larry Masters

Here’s a company that has bent over backward to meet my needs and expectations as a customer a number of times. They have provided superior service and quality products for a surprisingly reasonable price. They aren’t trying to price gouge and that’s...

Virginia Lopez

Thank you to all the crew that came to my home and fixed everything. No words are enough to express what you all did. Thank you all so much. Everything was great!


Your kindness means much more than words could ever say. Words cannot describe how appreciative I am of the work that has been done to my house. What an amazing group of guys! I feel like I gained so many friends! For the first time I am actually looking forward to...
Joni Ware

Joni Ware

Our house is 116 years old and we have lived in it for 25 years. It has always been drafty, even though over the years we have installed new windows and have done various do-it-yourself weather stripping. We have made it more comfortable with space heaters and wearing...

Douglas Anderson

Doug and Debbie Anderson had rented their house for eight years before purchasing it in the summer of 2014. An old farmhouse built in 1900, the house was significantly outdated – and the Andersons felt the impacts on their comfort and on their pocketbook. “It was a...
Remarkable Help To Our Community

Remarkable Help To Our Community

Mr. Brooks, Just wanted to express our sincere appreciation for the work ERC performed June 22, 23 and 24 at our home in Sherwood Forest. JW and his friendly crew of Matt, Ian and Michael were both professional and courteous.  So many thanks go to you and your company...

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