The ERC and associated programs, have been such a blessing for me and many others. The organization and employees are so well organized. From the first encounter until completion of my job, there were not any glitches. All of the personnel were polite, and skilled. I was also impressed by the care that was taken by the fellows to keep this job collected and clean. Bill, Scott, Jerry, Pablo, Dylan were happy to answer my questions. They also explained how to use the related items which were installed. I was left with some tips for attaining optimal efficiency and savings of resources while maintaining clean and comfortable usage of natural gas and electricity.
Additionally, the weatherization team also expertly installed items which have made a noticeable difference in the reduction of drafts I had been noticing.
Honestly, in the decades of homeownership in various states that are behind me, the quality and care that I was
provided from ERC, was top notch.
I am confident that I will have a cozy comfortable winter with the improvements that were made. Thanks to all of the people involved with my installation.

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