See If You Qualify For Free Services


Who qualifies for free services?

Low and middle-income residents in the Colorado counties that the Energy Resource Center serves who have gross incomes at or below 200 to 250 percent of the federal poverty level can qualify for free services.

Low-Income Qualifications:

Whether you own your home or rent, ERC can offer free home energy audits and weatherization assistance if you qualify as a low-income resident.

Anyone who can prove they currently receive assistance through LEAP, SNAP,TANF, AND, OAP, SSDI or SSI will automatically qualify without needing to show further proof of income.

To see if you can qualify based on these income guidelines and to get started, follow this link:


Middle-Income Qualifications:

Colorado Springs Utilities has partnered with ERC to offer a Home Efficiency Assistance Program, known as HEAP.

The program entitles any middle-income homeowner to get free and reduced price energy and water efficiency improvements whether their home is a single-family dwelling, condo, townhome or mobile home.

To see if you qualify based on these income requirements and to get started, follow this link:


ERC-paid Fee for Service:

If you do not qualify for free services, you can still purchase a Home Energy Assessment or home energy upgrade services. A portion of your fees will go to help lower-income residents who need ERC services.

To get started with paid services, Request an Energy Assessment.

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