By supporting the Energy Resource Center you'll help us provide income-qualified households with essential energy repairs and upgrades.

Keep Colorado Families Warm

ERC is 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
Tax ID – 84-0809393


The Energy Resource Center helps income-qualified families maintain a safe and healthy quality of life by making critical energy efficiency improvements to their homes. Our free services significantly lower monthly utility costs while creating a warmer, safer living environment for those we assist.

Simple energy improvements help families save money they can put towards medicine, food, and other vital living expenses. In fact, our services reduce household energy consumption by an average of 20%.

“I usually pay $125 in the winter. This time the bill was $93. It was way less than I thought. I’m trying to save money for other things that come up. Every time I think I’m getting ahead, I’m getting behind. This was no cost out of my pocket. I’m comfortable, I am relaxed, I don’t have to worry.”

The ERC is proud to work with these fine organizations