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Your tax-deductible gift to Energy Resource Center contributes directly to the health and financial security of families across the Front Range and San Luis Valley. Your generosity means the world to people who no longer have to worry about making the choice between heating their homes and buying essentials like food or medicine. Please fill out our form below to make either a one-time or monthly donation to Energy Resource Center.

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“Why I Give to Support Energy Resource Center I support the Energy Resource Center because of the long-lasting positive impact of my donations. Donations to the ERC not only have an immediate impact, but weatherization on a home also means lower utility bills for deserving families, every month in the future. And, energy efficiency upgrades mean much more than saving on utility bills. It also means a healthier home with cleaner indoor air and a much lower risk of carbon monoxide accidents. It means a more comfortable home with fewer drafts and cold floors. All in all, every dollar given to the ERC goes a long way to fundamentally improving the lives of the families they serve.”

Jim Riggins

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