What ERC means to Howard Brooks

Below is Chief Executive Director, Howard Brooks’ take on what ERC does

The Energy Resource Center exists to reduce energy waste by making physical improvements to homes and providing energy education. They are essentially a nonprofit construction company that provides free help to income-qualified people and paid services for others. Energy Resource Center staff are highly-trained and licensed experts who have been providing these services for three decades.

The work they perform is often life-saving, by mitigating carbon monoxide, or providing emergency heat in winter. Their work is life-improving, by lowering energy bills for people who suffer from having 20% or more of their total income absorbed by their utility bill.

One of the greatest values of their work is that it is a permanent solution to an immediate problem. Once the energy improvements are made, they are warranted, durable, and pay dividends long into the future Homes that are properly air sealed, insulated, and heated save money for their residents so they can afford food, medications, and other necessities.

They serve thirteen Colorado counties and the two largest cities with their staff of 80 full-time employees. More than half of the clients receiving free services are seniors. As a nonprofit, they are a patchwork quilt of funding, with grants and contracts from government, foundation, and utility sectors. They also rely on individual donations and paid customers from the pay it forward operation.

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