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Energy Resource Center Helps Families and Cuts Energy Waste.

ERC offers free energy efficiency improvements to income-qualified households in 27 counties from four locations across Colorado. Services provided include HVAC, insulation, air-leakage, hot water heaters, lighting, faucets, refrigerators and more. These services provide multiple benefits. It saves money on energy costs for clients so they can afford other necessities such as food and medication. It cuts energy waste reducing the demand on energy production. This protects residents from pollution and preserves the environment. The work assists with the affordable housing crisis in Colorado. It also creates a safe and healthy environment for vulnerable individuals and families.

Who Qualifies?

If you qualify for the income-qualified Energy Assistance Program – LEAP – or Supplemental Security Income, you automatically qualify for free assistance from The Energy Resource Center.

To see other qualifying requirements, see our “Do I qualify” page.


What We Do

  • ERC sends an experienced energy auditor to your home to evaluate efficiency and where energy is being lost. The audit takes about two hours.
  • Once the auditor completes onsite work, information is fed into a computer program that helps decide what improvements are needed.
  • A certified technician is then sent to the home to perform upgrades, which may include insulation in walls and attic, HVAC upgrades, light bulbs replacement, repairing or replacing old appliances, completing air leakage measures and more. The work takes one to three days depending on level of improvements needed.

Long-Term Benefits

In a few hours of work, ERC efforts create decades of comfort, cost savings and health benefits in a home. The upgrades improve quality of life for residents and save an average of 25% of utility bills!

Don’t Qualify for our Free Services?
Use Pay-It-Forward Services.

Use ERC for HVAC work, insulation and more for home or business. 100% of profits are used to support non-profit efforts!

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