How You Can Help

The Energy Resource Center helps income-qualified families maintain a safe and healthy quality of life by making critical energy efficiency improvements to their homes. Our free services significantly lower monthly utility costs while creating a warmer, safer living environment for those we assist. But we can’t do it alone. ERC receives funds from the Colorado Department of Energy but needs private support to continue the important work of keeping families save and warm while reducing costs for our most vulnerable populations.

Simple energy improvements help families save money they can put towards medicine, food, and other vital living expenses. In fact, our services reduce household energy consumption by an average of 25%.

What your gift can do


can buy
12 bails of insulation


can buy
20 LED bulbs
5 smoke alarms


can buy
4 low-flow showerheads


can buy
a home energy assessment


can buy
7 CO Expert Carbon
Monoxide Detectors


can buy a new
energy efficient refrigerator


can buy
1,000 square feet of insulation


can buy
an energy efficient water heater


is a complete weatherization (furnace, water heater, and insulation)