How You Can Help

As a non-profit construction company, it is our job to cut energy waste and assist families in need. With four offices and over 100 employees, the need is

great. There are approximately 250,000 eligible households for these services in our coverage area. Benefits of the work performed:


  • Saves money on energy costs for clients so they can afford other necessities such as food and medication.
  • Cuts energy waste, reducing the demand on energy production.  This protects residents from pollution and preserves the environment.
  • Assists with affordable housing crisis in Colorado.Creates a safe and healthy environment for vulnerable individuals and families.
  • Simple energy improvements help families save money they can put towards medicine, food, and other vital living expenses. In fact, our services reduce household energy consumption by an average of 25%.

There are many ways you can help:

There are multiple options to donate to ERC including direct donation, workplace giving, vehicle donation and more. Find out more here.

Use our Pay-It-Forward services. Hire us to perform your HVAC or insulation needs and 100% of profits are used to help the families we serve.  Find out more:

Become a Corporate Partner. Does your business have an interest in supporting our cause? Find out how you can help ERC through your enterprise.

Tell your friends and family about ERC! We use social media and email newsletters to continue contact with our supporters.

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