These guys have been working at my place for a while now. Every last one of them seems extremely nice which goes a very long way to trusting folks for work done on and in your home. They are extremely respectful, give care not to damage anything, and seem to know a lot about what they are doing. Not that I knew much about what they were doing but boy the insulation they added to this old house really made a huge difference! I enjoyed every one of them that evaluated or worked on my home and would highly recommend these people. They have excellent assessment skills to know what would work best for you too, that’s a lot better than someone selling you whatever and hopes it works for you. Literally, when you hire them it’s also giving to someone, you cannot go wrong with that.

PS I love the movie Pay It Forward and that concept seems to work well for ERC! If you read about what they do, it’s mostly nonprofit work helping low-income folks. However!!! If you choose these folks to replace your furnace, not only will you get a good honest price, but the profits from the work done on your home, become funding for a low-income family to get some help, and we all know these days a little help goes a very long ways! Thank you guys and Cameron at ERC!

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