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Hello again. I emailed this to you but am not sure you got it so I am mailing a copy. I have checked the Xcel bills every month and even when it’s colder out my bills have shown a significant decrease in cost and usage. Thank you, thank you. What you did for me is a forever thing and I cannot express how much it has helped me

Thank you so much! I am so thrilled that you insulated my ‘attic’, sealed my doors all the way around, patched my ceiling in two places, put a cover on the inside vent from the swamp cooler on the roof AND fixed my furnace, and sealed all the furnace vents on the floor. Have I forgot anything? WOW! Oh yes, and tested my furnace, refrigerator, gas stove, hot water heater and the furnace vent on the roof for my furnace as it ran as well as setting up the monster fan in my doorway to measure the air flow before and after all the work that your crew did.
All my neighbors have been over here to see what was going on and what all you did. I bragged you up, believe me it wasn’t hard! I told them how to find your website so they could check to see if they are eligible for the work you did for me, or whatever you can offer them for their situation after the audit. I am also telling all my friends, family and strangers about you wonderful people!! And will continue to do so. I appreciate it so very much.
Regina is a delight. She helped me with the paperwork, answered all my silly questions and contacted me by phone when there was a page missing in my application to make sure I would send it right back. She also contacted me to remind me of the appointment that was set up. (Believe me I would not forget that appointment!) What a wonderful person to have helping us people out here that ask for your help. Regina definitely makes the process move right along and made me feel welcome.
Steve Gentry is a character. I asked a lot of questions during the audit and he never hesitated to answer them. He explained the process, what I qualified for and how the work would be done by your crew, not an outside one. Also that it would take 4 or 5 days to do the work. That was amazing to me that it could all be done in that short of time. He also turned up the temperature on my hot water heater when he checked it. Now I have hot showers again! Steve also did the final inspection and was impressed with the work that was done, as was I. Steve was very efficient and didn’t miss a thing. I even got a certificate to prove that there was insulation installed. Steve even got me a cover for the inside ceiling where the vent for the roof mounted swamp cooler is. I no longer use it as I have one for the window so the cover never has to be removed. It is absolutely beautiful, efficient and stops a lot of the noise, wind,etc from coming in. I love it!
Steve also made sure I had all the documentation that I needed; Radon information, Adams County resources, etc.
Bill Angell is very knowledgeable about all the work that needed to be done and just gets it done without hesitation. Bill put a ‘attic entry’ for a patch in my ceiling on the east side of my double wide and used it to blow the insulation into that side. He could not blow both sides at once as my separation between the two sides is very thick and he could not cut through them. Bill explained what he was doing as he did it. On the west side of my modular Bill used the ‘attic’ vent on the north side and blew the insulation in that way. He was cautious of my ceiling handling the weight and I kept an eye out for any movement. There was none. It is all perfect. And he answered all my questions. The other patch he put up looks great and sealed up the hole in the ceiling just beautifully and didn’t let any insulation into the house. And when Bill told me it would cut out the noise I was ecstatic. Barking dogs, loud music and all the outside noise is muffled. I LOVE IT! Never thought of that, but am so happy about it I can’t begin to tell you. Bill was also concerned that my cat was put in a safe place and that there was no way she could get out every time he was here. I appreciated that.
Bill put the sealers around my doors and for the first time ever I do not have to put scotch tape around them to seal out the cold! In fact I previously didn’t use my back door all winter because I didn’t want to have to use more tape to seal it back up. Thank you, Bill! The doors close normally and lock and seal right up without anything extra being done. I am so happy. Bill also installed the cover on the ceiling for the swamp cooler vent. It is beautiful and sealed all the way around. Also cuts down on the outside noise.
Jose is a gem. The crossover duct on my furnace was not attached on the west side. Jose explained that the hot air was going under the modual and not into it on one side. No wonder I was cold and always felt drafts. Jose built the new crossover and sealed it in a very short period of time. Jose also cleaned and sealed all the floor vents. Jose is very personable and explained what he was doing as he did it. The crossover looks like it is brand new and came with the furnace.
I was impressed when Jon came out to check out the furnace. He was very effient and explained he was the furnace guy. I appreciated the extra time it took to come out and check out the furnace and roof vent. Jon even got it to run to check the air flow in the vents to see if there was improvement. There was!
All in all this has been a great experience and I appreciate you all! You ROCK!! I cannot thank you enough for all the work, experience, knowledge and material you have put in my humble home. I am not dreading winter and the cold as I used to.
I almost forgot to mention that the manager came to my house to tell me that the voicemail I left thanking them for everything was something special. That was way too nice as all I did was express my true feeling about all the work you all did for me!
Thank you so much!!
Kathy Boaz, a grateful client
There was a slight problem this morning. Whoever checked my furnace last did not reset the thermostat. I woke up this morning at 6:30 am sweating up a storm. The furnace was still running, but I could tell the temperature in the house was way above 69 degrees so I checked it. It was 79 and climbing. I turned off the heat and checked to see the temperature that was programmed in and it was 92. The thermostat would not let me reset the temperature on that setting so I had to reset it to factory and reprogram it from the beginning. Don’t know how that happened but I’m glad I could fix it and not call you to come back out here.
There is good news about that ordeal, believe it or not. It was 79 degrees at 6:30 am but the house did not cool down to 67 degrees for over 13 hours. In fact it is almost 8 pm and it is still 68 degrees. That is a long time to keep the heat in when the high today was only 40 degrees. I would say the that weatherization on my house was a complete and verified success! My furnace did not run all day. It ran at 9:15 pm.

I wrote this earlier, but was saving it for when I turned on the furnace. When it does run it is so quiet it is amazing. It used to clang and sound like a small thunderstorm in the hall every time it ignited so you knew how much it was running and for how long. Now it’s so quiet I only notice by air flow or temperature change. The heat and air coming out of the vents is awsome. Way above anything it was before. And it doesn’t smell. I must have just been used to smelling dirt.
Well, the first snowfall and cold was yesterday. The furnace barely ran all day and my whole hose is ‘warmer’. What a difference you have made in my life.
Thanks again. I appreciate all of you!

Kathy Boaz

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