It’s hard to find words to tell how much I appreciate the work that the Energy Resource Center’s fine folks did for my wife’s and my house because it’s made an enormous difference in our lives. Our house is much warmer than it was before. It’s nice not to be chilly as often. Besides insulating our attic, the ERC also insulated our walls and our basement/crawl space. AND a technician installed a new thermostat and fixed our boiler, which was breaking down frequently. It’s great to be able to adjust the thermostat and not have to go down multiple times to the basement to see if the boiler actually began to work.

The crews which did the work were all very professional. They cleaned up the mess they made by helping us. They were very respectful and pleasant to be around. John Mercado, Myron and the rest of the crews treated us as though we were doing them a favor instead of the other way around. Carmen was nice to deal with in the office. I truly appreciate the blessings that all of this organization was to us. You were a God send! I’m very thankful for this program and what a difference it has made in our lives. Thanks so much!

Ricardo Villa

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