Pay-It-Forward Energy Assessments & Services

Hiring Energy Resource Center to perform your home or business energy upgrades doesn’t just save you money, it helps others in the community do the same. 100% of the profits from Pay-It-Forward jobs are reinvested into the non-profit side of our organization, increasing the number of income-qualified families we serve. Hire us to replace your furnace, install insulation (or any other services we offer) and help families in need!

How ERC’s services for hire work

Energy Assessment

One of our expert assessors will come to your location, measure energy efficiency, and identify any issues responsible for energy loss.


Using specialized software, the assessor will analyze your data and make recommendations for basic repairs and improvements that will reduce your energy usage and costs.


After you decide which repairs and improvements you’d like to make, our experienced technicians will perform the work at competitive prices.


When you choose ERC to perform your energy assessments and upgrades, you get a lot more than energy savings in return.

  • At only $400, energy assessments pay for themselves within months, not years.
  • The fees you pay directly support our non-profit efforts to provide critical energy assistance to income-qualified Colorado families.
  • By reducing energy consumption, you’re doing your part to provide a better future.
  • We’ll check for dangerous carbon monoxide leaks and make sure your family is properly protected from Carbon Monoxide poisoning.
  • Energy improvements typically result in a quieter, more comfortable environment.
  • ERC customers save an average 20%-30% after receiving assessments and upgrades.

Ken Hall

Social Enterprise Manager

Ken Hall moved with his family to Colorado Springs in 1975. In 1984 he became involved full time in the HVAC industry. Ken began working with Energy Resource Center in 2010 as a furnace technician, and in 2015 became the Manager of the Social Enterprise at ERC. Ken has been a licensed heating contractor since 1991, having owned two HVAC businesses. He is a licensed Heating Mechanic 4 contractor and has a federal EPA license for air conditioning. Other qualifications include Carbon Monoxide Inspector, state licensed Asbestos Building Inspector, BPI Certified Quality Control Inspector, and NATE Certified Gas and Heating Service Professional. Ken enjoys helping clients solve energy and comfort issues and works hard to ensure homes are safe for our clients.

ERC’s Pay-It-Forward services help families and business conserve energy and save money.

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