ERC – Denver Metro

Denver Metro Office

953 Decatur Street
Denver, Colorado 80204
United States

Phone: 720-236-1321

CARE Program

Not just in Southern Colorado

While Colorado Springs is our hometown, the ERC helps families all over central and southern Colorado weatherize their homes and reduce their utility bills. With an office located in Denver, The Energy Resource Center works with income-qualified homeowners and renters in Denver, Jefferson and Gilpin counties.

What we do

Our teams of experts are dispatched directly from the Denver office to assess home energy efficiency and make weatherization upgrades. The funding sources for these activities are the Denver Office of Strategic Partnerships, Xcel Energy, Energy Outreach Colorado, the Colorado Energy Office and private donations.

Need help?

Know someone that needs help? TELL US so we can!

Se habla espanol

Tenemos personas en la officinal en que hablan espanol y que pueden ayudarse guardar energia y reducir sus cuentas.

Need more assistance? 

Benefits in Action can help seniors through the Medicaid process, help find out more information about additional health insurance, assist many limited income clients with application assistance to apply for Health First (Colorado’s Medicaid)  MSP, HCBS/LTC or SNAP (food stamps) coverage at no cost.  As a nonprofit, Benefits in Action is committed to assisting individuals receive and utilize the healthcare insurance and benefits that help them live self-sufficient lives.


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